What is UX Strategy?

In 2011 alone, the world created enough digital data to fill vertically stacked DVDs that would stretch from Earth to the Moon and back. At no other time in our human history has this level of material (on any kind) been so prevalent and paradoxically so hard to reach and understand. 

I believe getting the right information is increasingly difficult because it requires creators to design solutions that use behavior people are already engaged with. UX Strategy looks at why people go to certain sites, apps and platforms over others. 

UX Strategy is the thinking behind the useful, usable and compelling content that establishes results in long-term information architecture.

It is writing, UX thinking and it is essential to 21st-century communication.



I am a UX Strategist and

Researcher with deep roots in

creating meaningful human



My Story:

For as long as I remember I have been curious about people. It was a curiosity that drew me first to political science and then to the human behaviors that could influence design decisions for the better. I discovered my love for experience design and enrolled at BDW for an intensive, one-year crash course in interaction design, creative technology, and entrepreneurship. It has been a challenging and amazing year, culminating in a 6-month startup where I worked as the lead UX researcher.



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